Who we are

Who we are

We are a core group of patients, parents & well-researched health advocates who have been through the American medical system and were basically spit out the other end, often with more questions and more symptoms than we began with. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that the current healthcare model here in the U.S. has a long way to go with helping people who are dealing with chronic conditions.

The current model is outdated and has led the authors of this site to become their own health advocates, and in doing so, have led to some pretty amazing discoveries about the human body and living with the fire vitality each day. There are a few simple truths in wellness that, if applied, can go a long way in helping anyone feel a lot better.

Here are 3 simple truths that I have personally found true only through my own experience:

  1. The body is designed to heal itself, if given the right environment to do so
  2. Most, if not all disease begins in the gut
  3.  Diet has EVERYTHING to do with it!

I know most of us have heard from our doctors that diet doesn’t play a role in whatever you’re currently dealing with, even if it’s digestive issues. And I stand here today to challenge that notion, with all my might, so that you can give it a try for yourself and see what is true for you. Your doctor doesn’t have to live with you everyday. You do.

This website is dedicated to those health warriors who are tired, weak and overwhelmed with all the information out there. I was sick for 15 years and I wish I had come across this website when my health first started going south. Those years are behind me now, as well as the few others who are contributors to this website.

All of us are living proof that the 3 simple truths above, when applied, have provided immense relief and have even turned our health around.

I wish you the best of health and thank you for visiting,

Scott, Dr. Clark & Jennifer

Wellness for Everyone