How to Boost Your Immunity for Optimal Wellness

One of the most important systems in the body is the immune system. It has the massive jobs of eliminating old or abnormal cells, repairing cells and tissues that have been marred by free radicals and connecting with the response and hormone systems in the body.

All of these jobs are essential in keeping your body healthy. In addition, the immune system must protect you from a wide range of threats, including viruses, bacteria, fungi, and protozoa. How does your immune system accomplish this task?

Meet Microbes – The Immune System’s Key Link with Your Microbiome

Within your body, all sorts of microbes can be found, making up what is called your microbiome. Every person’s microbiome is totally unique, featuring up to 100 trillion microbes across 40,000 species. These microbes aren’t just found in your gut, although these are the ones that get the most attention. They can be found throughout the systems of your body, including the skin, lungs, and bladder. New microbes are introduced to your body every day, with simple activities like giving someone a hug, eating or swimming in a lake or a river.

Most of these new microbes are harmless and interact with your immune system with little effect on you. When a harmful microbe gets introduced into your system, your immune system gets to work handling the threat and making you healthy. If the system were to falter, you can lose your body’s wellness so supporting your immune system is massively important to a healthy lifestyle.

Modern Life Besieges the Immune System

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All the conveniences and comforts of modern life may drag your immune system down. The modern habit of grain-fed, fatty meals and highly processed foods introduce an excess of carbs and unhealthy fats into our system, clogging up the immune system.

Toxins from things like plastics, petroleum, and coal are a part of our everyday life but also suppress the workings of the immune system. In addition, the energy of cell phones, computers, and microwaves disrupt the energy pathways in the body, hindering our immune response.

The ongoing stress of modern life can also wreak havoc on our immune system because the body exists in a constant state of alert, wearing down our resources. Lastly, our lives have become increasingly sedentary, moving from physical jobs to working at a desk for most of our days. Prolonged sedentary behavior is linked to all sorts of lower body energy.

Naturally, Restore and Support the Immune System

There are plenty of options to try and support your immune system, but the most successful is a long-term approach called restorative therapy. These therapies allow the body to heal itself, focusing on several crucial areas.

Start with a healthy diet, focusing on whole foods, ample vegetables, and healthy foods. Excess carbs, processed foods, and grain-fed meats should be kept at a minimum. Reduce your exposure to toxins by choosing organic products, filtered air, and water and using non-toxic cleaning supplies.

Begin a process of stress reduction that features yoga or meditation. Gentle and restorative exercise can help combat a sedentary lifestyle. Lastly, begin an herbal therapy to help promote the microbiome balance and combat the factors of modern life that can hamper your immune system.

These simple and healthy steps can harness your body’s natural power to overcome any obstacles to your general wellbeing.


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